General Engineering

Hydro-Vac & Pump Truck Services

Travis Ag offers complete Septic System Services and Hydro Excavation.

Septic Services

Septic Tank Pumping & Jetting
Septic Tank Video Inspection & Repair
Installation of new septic systems

Hydro-Vac Services

Travis Ag can utilize hydro excavation as a safe and productive solution to a variety of jobs, whether it’s excavating, potholing utilities, drill mud clean up, water valve box cleanout, catch basin cleaning, sewer cleaning, industrial vacuum excavation, or simply providing a safer method of digging around a utility. Hydro-vacs can dig efficiently in all types of soils, including hard packed clay, sand and gravel. Hydro- vacs can excavate and remove both solids and fluids while digging in most conditions. Materials are simultaneously excavated using water or air, while the suction hose and vacuum stream instantaneously load materials into the vacuum tank and safely stores them until the unit is ready for haul off.